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Jan 31, 2022
In Wellness Forum
The social networks and trends that have industry leads grown the most during confinement have been related to video games, internet videos, and home segments Talkwalker and Trust Insights have recently joined forces to analyze daily data from more than 60 social industry leads networks globally , with the aim of providing useful information for marketers operating in the field of these platforms. In this way, they have sought to extract the trends industry leads popularized and followed by the users of said networks throughout the quarantine and confinement due to the coronavirus. This is how the report “ Trends in industry leads Audiences on Social Networks during the Pandemic ” was born”, which thanks to a combined methodology between monitoring and analysis of searches is capable of detailing which platforms and topics have gained relevance industry leads from the beginning of March until now. The study highlights how various measures such as confinement and teleworking have been able to make Zoom the social network with the highest growth in the number of searches and the creation of new accounts , with an increase of industry leads in interest . It is followed by the social industry leads video game Animal Crossing , with an increase of 2,587% in interest compared to the previous period. However, when looking at the statistics on the creation of accounts by absolute daily number of searches during the industry leads period of the pandemic, the main social network to highlight is YouTube . The ones that have had a great advance in their use compared to the period before the pandemic, as we say, industry leads are Animal Crossing , which has increased by compared to the average daily use before the start of the pandemic, and Zoom , which has increased its use by during the same time . However, in absolute numbers,
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