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SA Ahad
Jul 31, 2022
In Wellness Forum
What the hell is going on? Why is co-governance a problem? There is no supervisor in the company to take care of themselves, so it is very free, isn't it good? In fact, Google once wanted to promote co-governance, but after research, it stepped on the brakes, and Zappos didn't have time to step on the brakes. As a result, many employees left and the company became a mess. For details on Hsieh and Zappos, you can read this article . Seemingly ideal "total co-governance", To put it simply, most people would like to have popular database goals and directions in work and development, and to have guidance and motivation when encountering difficulties or setbacks. Even if Google uses OKR as a communication tool, its goals are also determined by the company or the company. It is formulated by the supervisor, and then the employee writes down the OKR and commits it. I want to illustrate through the example of Zappos that decentralization and co-governance sound ideal, because then there is no class and no oppression, but in the end, the entire organization may have no responsibility and no direction. In fact, some people say that Xie Jiahua is actually unwilling to make commitments and pay for corporate governance because he has an aganda in his life, so he releases himself through holacracy, which is actually escaping.
The founder of Zappos, Xie Jiahua, passed away at about this time last year content media
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