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rakuiboul hasan
Apr 12, 2022
In Wellness Forum
The first three articles revolved around "Real-time Bidding RTB", introduced the development process of programmatic advertising from "Contract Advertising" to "Real-time Bidding RTB", and introduced various platform products participating in "Programmatic Advertising" and their development history, Finally, the specific process of "real-time bidding RTB" and its relationship with "programmatic advertising" are introduced. Students who have not read the first three articles can click here: "Internet Advertising (1): A Brief History of Online Advertising - From Contract Advertising to Real-Time Bidding RTB" "Internet Advertising (2): Various Platforms Participating in Programmatic Advertising - " Internet Advertising (3): What is the specific process of real-time bidding RTB? How does it relate to programmatic advertising? 》 As I mentioned in the last article - "There are many ad delivery models, and "real-time job title email list bidding RTB" is the most common "programmatic advertising" delivery model. " Therefore, continuing the idea of ​​the previous article, this article will continue to analyze the other three main programmatic advertising models: "Programmatic Contract PDB", "Priority Transaction PD", and "Private Bidding PA". 1. Four main programmatic trading modes 1. Open RTB (Open RTB) "Open auction RTB" is actually the "real-time auction RTB" mentioned earlier. The media adopts the RTB sales model to sell long-tail traffic or residual traffic to advertisers . It should be noted that the remaining traffic does not represent inferior traffic, but the remaining traffic after the media sells through traditional scheduling or priority transactions. Therefore, advertisers do not know or care about which media and which advertising space the traffic comes from. The bidding rule of "Open Bidding RTB" is the Generalized Second Price (GSP), that is, the highest bidder wins, and the second highest price is settled. Therefore , the traffic inventory and price under the "Open Auction RTB" mode are not fixed . It supports CPC (Cost per Click, click settlement) and CPM (Cost per Mile, thousand impressions settlement) two billing models.
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