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Apr 09, 2022
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At that time, the red envelope war between Alipay and WeChat forced the payment of the rivers and lakes from a situation of dominance to a situation of two parts of the world. As a result, on different occasions later, Mr. Ma always brooded about it. Back telemarketing list then, Didi and Uber’s taxi-hailing war forced the founder of Internet taxi-hailing to earn income. Since then, Uber has disappeared from the Chinese market. As a result, in the later taxi market, Cheng Wei often had the voice of "if you want to fight, you will fight". At that time, in the takeaway battle between Meituan and Dianping, and, Wang Xing merged Dianping to fight Ele. Me, which abruptly changed the take-out market from a three-point world to a dominant one. So that in the later takeaway market, Wang Xing became telemarketing list the absolute hegemon. This tells us a truth, in the business world, people usually do not value the process, and more important is the outcome. The so-called "do not judge a hero based on success or failure" has really become "a hero based on success or failure". It is with such a lesson from the past that there is one thing that is said on the surface, but another thing that is actually done. This has almost become the norm in the post-Internet era. Therefore, when we see a big company trying to promote a certain concept, we must not take it seriously. Maybe it will fake a shot and change the track. This is also applicable to the issue of the Industrial Internet. When the concept of the Industrial telemarketing list Internet was put forward, the business model of S2B was followed by many people. For a time, the industrial Internet has become a veritable outlet. This is not the end, some people have also "carried forward" the business model of S2B, turning the S2B model into S2B2C, or even S2B2B2C. No matter how many tricks it changes, in the final analysis, it is still necessary to play under the dominance of large Internet platforms, otherwise, it will not be the correct business model. As a result, a new generation with large Internet platforms as the protagonist seems to have kicked off.
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