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Apr 09, 2022
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The same business model as the starting point, but after Zhihu gave it a coat, it became very Zhihu, and it was very natural. The user payment rate and ARPU are said to be particularly high. This picture is relatively abstract, but at the end, if you want to motivate yourself and your colleagues who are doing content marketing together, content marketing is slow, precise, and long-term, so you have to keep going. Above, the fate with Zhihu is still going on. In any case, I still wish to bless my customers haha, which is also my workplace enlightenment field. Zhou Yuan is a kind-hearted CEO who seems to be wise and stupid. He has experienced the departure of partners, the hovering of daily activities, the generalization of the community itself, the expansion of the team, the desire for commercialization, the radicalization of short videos, and the innovation of content commercialization. . Looking back at the sms marketing service place where he has always been bleak, there is no wind or rain, and this sentence is very suitable for him. Bless Zhou Yuan and Zhihu. Author: Liu Siyi; WeChat: siyiqunxiang This article was originally published by @刘思艺 on Everyone is a product manager. Reproduction without permission is prohib
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