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sharmin Akther
Apr 12, 2022
In Wellness Forum
tough questions and get an expert answer. In 2009, OneBoat, Inc promoted Niver to CTO. Today, he manages the digital marketing of 50 websites, develops new markets and still devotes half of his time to SEO. He credits continuing education with a greater perspective: “[The annual attendance] has the effect of getting more and more grounded in certain things that I was perhaps not aware of. The scope of what I do at work has expanded with the regularity of classes. My knowledge increases and my interest increases in different directions. Industry-Wide Trends . Toward Continuing Education Niver's story is exceptional, but it is not unique. We have also upgraded the entire marketing and IT departments with on-site group training. Some companies include SEO training in their annual training. We've seen our fair share of students returning every year for a tech refresh as part of their continuing education. With hundreds of search company employee list engine ranking signals, changing algorithm updates, and even a mobile-first index looming with Google's search engine, can you say for sure that you understand and know how react to these events? Periodic Search Engine Optimization Training is good practice for professionals in the digital marketing industry. It's about investing in yourself and your people. George Niver SEO Training It prepares you to think and respond strategically to everything search engines like Google can throw at you, and helps keep your business up to date with the changes we see in SEO every year. If you don't understand SEO from the ground up, your website, rankings, and visibility will suffer. Uninformed and reckless decisions will be made with your
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