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Jan 31, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Sunday we invoice approximately 4,300 euros on Amazon. It was a day of more than 1,000 euros of clean benefits. It can be compared to a good Christmas day that is less than 100 days ago. I don't quite understand what is happening right now. butterfly 2 On the way to billing 80k in the month of March If everything continues at this rate, we will be able to invoice 80,000 euros in March. There is still a long way to go in the month and a lot can happen but what we already know for sure is that being halfway through the month we have already surpassed the result for February and shortly that for January. Amazon warehouses are very full but at this rate we are going to run dry in a very short time, risking not reaching that figure due to lack of inventory. Right now the opportunities to buy merchandise at a good price are limited. It is a luxury problem that we are having. I am looking to invest 10,000 euros in a product that has a quick exit on Amazon. You have to take advantage of these sales peaks because they usually disappear as quickly 购买批量短信服务 as they have arrived. Why has billing risen so much in March? The truth is that I have no idea. We are doing many things well and it could be said that after 6 years selling on Amazon we are finally reaping the fruits of our labor (which is true) but it still does not explain the 100% of the recent high. Whenever these things come up you want explanations as to why. The reality is often that there is not. There are events that happen randomly. It is chaos theory. Certain unrelated events are chained together that together have an impact on something else. Right now the turnover comes mainly from Germany. I don't know what is happening around here right now that would explain the increase in demand. People suddenly don't have more money than before... It's fun to look at these numbers but also be aware that they can quickly disappear again. You have to keep working the base to grow without the need for spikes. The focus must be there and not go crazy because it is selling more than normal in a month. I will apply the story. Let's see if i get it.
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